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Jonas Elias Pope & Family

Jonas Elias Pope & Family

Researched and written by Cheri Todd Molter and Kobe M. Brown Jonas Elias Pope was born on February 1, 1827, at Rich Square in Northampton County, NC. His father was Elias Pope, a free person of color with a mixed-race heritage who owned land and supported a sizable...


Written by Leisa Greathouse; Edited and vetted by Cheri Todd Molter An enslaved African American man named Kinchen resided on the Thornbury plantation in Northampton County, North Carolina. That plantation owner’s son, Henry Burgwyn, Jr., graduated from UNC and the...

Tom Baggett’s life after the War

AUTHOR: Penny Beasley; Edited and vetted by Cheri Todd Molter I have a love of history and have retraced some of my great-great-grandfather’s, James Tom Baggett’s, steps across the battlefield (See story titled “Tom Baggett and the Grey Patch!”). His post war life is...

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