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VanStory History Village

The History Center’s mission is to tell the story of ALL North Carolinians and to create a comprehensive, fact-based portrait of history that spans the antebellum, Civil War, and Reconstruction periods in our state. It is a place where telling all the stories is central to learning about and understanding this complicated era, where knowledge, truth, and honesty triumph and where the real stories about all of our state’s people are reconciled with scholarship and research.

The years of thoughtful planning beginning in 2007 resulted in a three-phased plan for digital education and physical infrastructure development. Phase 1, which is now complete, is the creation of VanStory History Village:  the restoration, renovation, and adaptive reuse of three Civil War and Reconstruction era homes, thanks to funding from the State of North Carolina. The facilities of History Village are dedicated for K-12 education and for research and scholarship by students and faculty in institutions of higher learning.

Clicking on the buttons below will take you to historical documents, photographs, and construction progress of each of the three houses.

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