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SUBMITTED BY:  Sharon Drake; researched and vetted by Phyllis Hughes

The Levy family were Free People of Color located in Cumberland County (Fayetteville, Rockfish, Pearce Mills). They were listed as Mulatto in most census documents. However, in the early 1900s (1910 and 1920), many were listed as Indian (Native American) on census reports.

Freedman’s Bank Records 1872 – Lewis W. Levy Jr. born about 1846

• At the age of about 26, Lewis W. Levy, Jr. was listed on the Freedman’s Bank Records, with a recording date of 1872. Listed also are: his parents Lewis W. Levy, Sr. and Sarah Levy. In addition, his siblings are listed. R.W., Matthew L, James, Henry, Edward, Anna, Mary Jane. The place of residence is listed as Alabama, which may be incorrectly recorded.

• This same family is found in Cumberland County census for 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880. Additional names included in the census are Eliza who may have been out of the home by 1872, Jennie, Charlotte, and Julia

Southern Claims Commission 1876 – Lewis W. Levy, Sr. born about 1820

• The Commission No is 16083, Report 6, Status A. This is under the authority given during the Ulysses S. Grant administration. The purpose was to allow Union sympathizers who live in the Southern states during the Civil War (1861-1865) to apply for reimbursement for property losses due to the U.S. Army confiscation.

D.C Whitehead sold land to Lewis W. Levy, Jr. in 1882 for $150.00 (no indication of acreage)

Counts Creek sold land to Lewis W. Levy, Jr. in 1890 for $20 (no indication of acreage)

1898 Sherriff’s sale. Robert aka R.W. Levy acquired land for non-payment of taxes

Note: Lewis W. Levy and Robert W. Levy both born around 1845 – 1848 are the 2 oldest sons of Lewis W. Levy, Sr. who was born about 1820. Lewis W. Levy, Sr. married Sarah Jane Scott who was born about 1830. In the 1880 census, Lewis W. Levy Sr.’s parents are listed as born in England (Father) and Guadeloupe (Mother).

May 22, 1906 – Robert W. Levy and wife Celia Ann Scott Levy (born about 1850) sold land to their son Jordon Levy (born about 1877) for $25.00. Land is in Pearces Mill Township. Acreage is not indicated but the land was bordered by land owned by: J.M. Goddard to the South, Jack Woodward to the West, Silk Mill to the East, Mary J. Pemberton to the North

In November 1915, it appears that the Levy siblings (children of Robert W. Levy began dividing plots of land by selling them to each other for $1.00. Four documents were reviewed: Lewis L. Levy, Malcolm S. Levy, and Jordon seem to have led the real estate transaction with the other siblings listed as co-signers. In addition to Lewis L Malcolm S. and Jordon M, the co-signers are George W., James E., Joel A., Addison, Celia, and Henrietta, Anna and Julia are also listed, but these are possibly their Aunts. (the youngest children of their grandfather, Lewis W. Levy, Sr.). All these transactions included statements that the women were not coerced by their husbands.

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