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Thomas Mitchell Evins, 38th Regiment, Georgia

by | Jan 20, 2016 | Alamance, Confederate affiliation

Evins was a 1st Lieutenant and served in Texas. He enlisted in 1862 at the age of 42 in the 33rd Texas Cavalry, Duff’s Partisan Rangers, 14th Battalion, Company H. His rank was 1st Lieutenant. When the war was over, he remained in TX and returned “home” some 50 years later to Atlanta before his death in 1900. As documented in my family history: When Sherman’s troops were moving through Atlanta, his wife and 5 small daughters didn’t leave. When Sherman sent his troops in to ransack her house, a soldier came out wearing a Masonic Apron. Sherman stopped him, asked him where it came from, and personally escorted him back, asking to whom the Apron belonged. Emily told him it belonged to her husband who was fighting in VA. Sherman ordered that her house not be touched. Because of this, she was able to remain in her home unharmed. Later the Carpetbaggers would not be so kind. Mitch and Emily had 7 children before the war. The 2 sons also served in the war and returned home to Atlanta to marry and raise their families. Source: findagrave.ancestry.com Source: Dobbins Family History by Gertrude Dobbins

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