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AUTHOR:  Britt Pridgen

I found information about my great-great-grandfather, Bryant Pridgen (spelled Pridgeon in his military records) on a website. He was born in Moore County, but lived in Robeson County as an adult, working as a laborer prior to joining the Confederate Army. On March 10, 1862, at the age of 44, Bryant Pridgen enlisted into F Company, 51st Infantry (North Carolina). He was present or accounted for through October of 1862, but reported sick at a hospital in Wilmington, NC that November. He was also hospitalized at Wilmington on February 16, 1863 with continued fever; however, he returned to duty on March 20, 1863.

Records reveal that he was hospitalized once more at Wilmington prior to May 1, 1863, but that is the last of the documentation.

Here is the lineage going up beginning with me: Britt Pridgen, Jonny Pridgen, Woodrow Pridgen, Wilson Pridgen, and Bryant Pridgen, Confederate soldier.

Source: http://nccivilwar.lostsoulsgenealogy.com/rosters

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