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SUBMITTED BY:  David W. Dowless, Jr. (edited by Cheri Todd Molter)

I have additional information about my ancestor, Samuel Dowless, that I heard from Bobby Dowless, my first cousin once removed, and I would like to add it to the collection (The original submission was entitled “Samuel Anders Dowless’ Civil War Story” and can be accessed through the following link: Samuel Anders Dowless’ Civil War Story. Bobby Dowless told me that “Grandpa Dowless (Samuel), after [he returned home from] the war, prayed that none of his descendants would ever have to go to war.”

Bobby also stated, and I can back this up with my part of the family tree, that no Dowless who was a descendant of Samuel has gone to war. Even though several, including my grandfather, have served in the military, no one has seen action. So, over 150 years later, Samuel’s prayer is still being answered. Bobby also told me that, according to the stories passed down through the family, Samuel and his brother, Elisha, walked home from Maryland after being released in June 1865 from Point Lookout.

I’ve attached a picture of Samuel Dowless’ house. It has been moved from its original location, and the door closest to the road (the one that looks like double doors) is where the fireplace used to be. (Click on image to enlarge.)

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