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Henry Groner paid dearly for his service

by | May 8, 2015 | Cabarrus, Confederate affiliation

Henry Lafayette Groner, my great-great-grandfather, enlisted for the Civil War on March 13, 1862 in the 20th North Carolina Infantry, Cabarrus Guards, at age 22. He was wounded in the left leg and captured at Fox’s Gap, South Mountain, Maryland, on or about September 14, 1862. The leg was amputated. (North Carolina Troops: 1861-1865, Weymouth T. Jordan) Upon returning home, Henry purchased his own artificial limb for $135. In September 1866 he applied for, and received, the allowed compensation from the State of North Carolina. Nelson Slough, Henry’s brother-in-law, was captain of Co. A, 20th Regiment of North Carolina Troops and was Henry’s superior officer. Nelson Slough signed Henry’s affidavit to receive compensation for his leg. (No “Terms” were listed below.)

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