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AUTHOR:  Unknown

Elijah C. Frazier was listed as a farmer in Granville County, North Carolina and enrolled in the Confederate Army on May 6, 1862.  He reported to Camp Mangum on May 30, 1862.  He was assigned to Co. K 55 Regiment North Carolina Infantry.  He is listed on wheat furlough in June, 1862.

He returned at an unspecified date.  He is listed as being wounded in the forearm at Gettysburg on July 1, 1863, hospitalized at Gettysburg.  He transferred to Satterlee General Hospital, July 12, 1863.  He was captured on July 13, 1863.  Forearm amputated on July 28, 1863.  Transferred to Hammond U.S. General Hospital, Point Lookout, Maryland, October 2, 1863.  He was paroled March 3, 1864.  Received at City Point, Virginia, March 6, 1864 for exchange.  On March 12, 1864 he was transferred to Jackson Hospital Richmond, Virginia.

He was then retired on September 10, 1864 from the army as a private.  Elijah C. Frazier lost his left arm below the elbow.  He told his grandson that he would not have lost his arm if he had had medical attention.  He said that “live things” got in his arm and they had to cut it off. Elijah C. Frazier married Mary Jane Hobgood in 1857. They had eight children the youngest of whom was my great grandmother. She was remembered as an affectionate wife, a kind and indulgent mother and active in her church. She died in 1907. Elijah C. Frazier died at his home on June 10, 1914 and is buried at Mt Creek Baptist Church, Oxford, NC.

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