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“[T]ell me what we poore soldiers wifes is to do”: Mrs. Susan Shearin, Mrs. L. Reid, Mrs. M. Neal, Mrs. C. Aycock, Mrs. Thomson, and Mrs. Elbeth Write a Letter to Gov. Vance

SUBMITTED BY:  Jean Finch Inscoe (introduction written by Cheri T. Molter; original document transcribed by Jean Finch Inscoe; submission transcription by Cheri T. Molter) Life was difficult for women, too, during the Civil War. After able-bodied men went off to...

Thomas Warren “Capt. Plunk” Shearin

SUBMITTED BY:  Jean Finch Inscoe (edited and vetted by Cheri Todd Molter) Thomas Warren Shearin was born on April 24, 1832 to his parents Seth and Mary “Polly” Pike Shearin of Warren County, North Carolina. As an adult, Thomas married Susan D. Myrick and the couple...

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