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Submitted by Sid Stroupe and Mike Stroupe; Edited and vetted by Cheri Todd Molter

Born in Forsyth County, Eugene and Levin J. Stroupe both served in the Confederate Army. Eugene Stroupe was 27 years old when he was conscripted into the CSA on July 8, 1862 in Forsyth County, North Carolina. Eugene served as a private in Company I, 33rd Infantry Regiment, North Carolina. A muster roll notes that he “died of disease, June 1863.”

Levin J. Stroupe, who was born in 1839, volunteered for the CSA at Pfafftown, North Carolina on July 22, 1861. He was a private (a Musician) in Company I, F, and J, of the 33rd Infantry Regiment, North Carolina. His name was recorded in the records a variety of ways: “Levin J. Strupe,” “Levine J. Stroupe,” and “Lavin J. Strupe.” Levin was twenty-two years old when he joined the CSA, and his records describe him as 5’ 9” and a teacher. He was present with his Company and mustered into service on October 30, 1861.

On February 1, 1862, Levin was promoted to a musician in the Regimental Band (Company I) and was paid $50.00. For the entire year of 1862, Levin was “present and accounted for” in Company records. In December 1862, he received a month’s furlough and was paid $100.00.
Musters for July 1863 through March 1865—nearly two years—reflect his presence with his Company. On April 12, 1865, Levin Stroupe is recorded as a “rebel deserter” to the Union Forces. Levin, probably facing the inevitability of the war’s outcome, chose to defect.

Levin returned to Forsyth County, NC after the war. By the time that the 1870 Census of Forsyth County was enumerated, he had married and had one small child.

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