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Researched and written by Cheri Todd Molter

On April 24, 1861, eighteen-year-old Alvin [Alva] G. Britt, a farmer from Robeson County, NC, enlisted in the Confederate army. He served in Company D of the 12th Infantry, NC Troops. Although his military records do not offer a reason why, Britt was discharged on December 16, 1861. However, he rejoined the army on February 28, 1862, and was mustered into Company B of the 50th Infantry, NC Troops. By July 1, 1862, he was promoted Drum Major, but two months later, he was “reduced to ranks” back to “Drummer.”

After the war, Britt returned home to Robeson County. By 1870, he had married a woman named Ann Anderson, and the couple had two children.

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