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AUTHOR:  Jason Pearson

Andrew Jackson Sisk is my 4th great grandfather, son of Henry Hawkins and Rachel Sisk. I was shocked when I found a distant cousin who had his portrait hanging in her house. The photograph was created c.1905. Not many people can say they can see their 4th great grandparents in a photo. He has a confederate cross on his collar and appears with his wife, Sussanah “Susan” Lewis Sisk.

(Click photo to enlarge.)

He was born in Burke County and later settled in Rutherford and Cleveland counties. He married Susan in 1854. Like most of my North Carolina ancestors from this area, he joined the Confederate States of America on October 8, 1862 in Rutherford County. He served as a private in the 50th North Carolina Infantry, Company G.

On November 9, 1964 he was admitted to Pettigrew Hospital No 13 in Raleigh, NC. His specific injury is still under investigation, but it is evident he had periods of high fever and it took him almost a month to recover before he was released from the hospital.

After the war, he lived out the rest of his days in Rutherford County and Waco, Cleveland County as a local farmer. He had 10 known children from c.1851 to 1866.

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