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SUBMITTED BY:  Caitlin Crenshaw

William J. Nott enlisted in the Confederate Army on May 9, 1862 when he was 21 years old. William lived in Cumberland County, North Carolina and served as a Private in Company I of the 51st Infantry (North Carolina). William was wounded on Sept. 30, 1864 at Fort Harrison, Virginia. It took almost 2 months before William could return to serve; he returned around Nov 15th. On March 8, 1865, William was captured and taken as a prisoner of war at Wise’s Forks, NC. He was confined at Point Lookout, MD eight days later. William swore the Oath of Allegiance on the June 28, 1865 and was released afterward. Following the war, in October 1867, William J. Nott married Ammie P. Willet.

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