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They were from Moore County and lived on a farm with their father and siblings. Their mother died in 1854. In the 1860 census J. W. Love is still living with Jesse, but between 1860 and 1862 he moved to a farm in Chatham County which could still be in Lee County today. W. A. Love became a turpentine farmer or dispenser between 1860-62. Moved away from his father. In August 1862 they joined Company D of the 61st NC Advance Guards, Chatham County unit. There were 3 Jonesboro units right down the road from their farm but they signed up with Chatham County instead. A few months later they were involved with the first battle of Kinston on September 14, 1862. W. A. was captured and was paroled on the same day. It was assumed he walked home. Shortly afterward he was sick with typhoid fever. In January 15, 1863 he died at home and was buried in Love Family cemetery in Sanford. J. W. continued to fight with Company D down in South Carolina at Battery Wagner (ref: movie “Glory”). The 61st made its way back to Virginia where on June 17, 1864 J. W. was killed in battle. His body was put in a mass grave in Blanford Cemetery in Petersburg.

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