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Uriah Parish was a farmer. He lived with his father and family; he was one of 10 children on a farm in Moore Co (now Lee Co). At the time of the war he signed up for Company I, 19th NC, 2nd NC Calvary. He fought in several places, New Bern, Gettysburg, etc. Uriah is the only casualty from Company I at Gettysburg. He was captured and wounded too badly to be moved. He was in a hospital in Gettysburg under Federal care and languished until late August 1863 when he died. He was buried in Gettysburg. Several years after end of the war, several ladies from Wake County wanted to retrieve the bodies of Confederate soldiers in Gettysburg. They feared the graves would be desecrated. Other states got involved and began the arduous task of bringing bodies back. The ones who died in the hospital were easier to locate. Those who died on the battlefield were harder to find. They brought Parish’s body back and buried him in Oakwood Cemetery in Raleigh, in the Confederate section. There’s a Gettysburg section where they buried all the ones they brought back from Gettysburg.

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