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Persistence vs. Sherman’s Army

by | Apr 27, 2015 | Confederate affiliation, Wake

A story tells about General Sherman and his troops coming down Old Stage Road in Wake County through Willow Spring, to the Hugh Rias Blalock homeplace on what is now Highway 42 East. Sherman’s men took mules, horses, wagons and other supplies. They ransacked the home, even taking their feather beds, after pointing a gun to the head of Hugh Blalock and telling him they wanted his gold or they would shoot. Hugh said, “Shoot. I am just as ready to die as I will ever be.” They did not shoot, nor did they get his gold, but they took all his farming equipment of any use to them, and burned the rest. They even took the colt that Bill, one of Hugh’s sons, was training. Bill followed them a number of miles, begging for his colt. At the end of the day they finally relented and gave him back his colt.

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