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AUTHOR: Terry Harmon

This ambrotype of John Ward dates between 1861 and 1862. Born circa 1831, he was a carpenter from the Sugar Grove/Cove Creek section of Watauga County. He enlisted as a Corporal in Co. E, 37th Regiment, NC Infantry, Confederate Army on September 18, 1861 and was later promoted to Full Sergeant (ultimately reduced to ranks as a Private). He was wounded at Gaines’ Mill, VA on June 27, 1862 and died of those wounds on July 6, 1862. He was never married. He was a great-grandson of early settlers Benjamin Ward and Cutliff Harmon. He was a first cousin to two of my 3x great-grandparents, Rilda Hicks Presnell and Calvin Ward, and a second cousin to my great, great-grandfather, Carroll Harmon.

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