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According to The Family of Confederate Soldier Joseph Boon Herring, written by Ronald A Herring, “Joseph Boon Herring went by the name Boon Herring most of his life and it is believed that he was named for his Great Grandmother, Esther Boon…Family traditions show that she was either the niece or cousin to the famous Daniel Boon.”

Boon Herring married Emily Jane Underwood on Feb. 25, 1869. Ron Herring takes this Underwood line back to Thomas Underwood and Sally Thornton and then to Thomas Thornton. These are well documented connections, and both Thomas Underwood and Thomas Thornton served in the Revolutionary War. Joseph Herring was born 19 Oct 1802, the third child of John Herring and Bathsheba Sessions. His father’s farm was located on the west side of the Little Coharie River with the north branch being the Rattlesnake Branch in Sampson County, North Carolina.

Boon Herring was a Confederate soldier who served in Co. F, 20th, North Carolina. He enlisted, at the age of eighteen, on May 20, 1861. He was wounded on May 27, 1862 at Gaines Mill, VA and wounded in the heel and captured on July 3, at Gettysburg, PA. and confined as a POW on David’s Island NY. He was exchanged Sept 16, 1863, at City Point, VA. He was captured again on May 12, 1864 at Spotsylvania Court House and sent to Point Lookout, MD and later transferred to the prison at Elmira, NY. He was released on June 20, 1865 by oath. He was in Clinton on Sept. 26, 1889 for the veterans’ reunion.

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