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SUBMITTED BY: Jadaea Mills

During the 1820s, Elizabeth G. Nott and her family lived in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Elizabeth was the daughter of Elizabeth Nott and William Nott, Sr. and born in 1810. She also had a younger sister named Margaret A. Nott. Elizabeth was 17 years old when Margaret died on August 19, 1827. Margaret was five years old at the time of her death. Almost two months later, on October 3, their mother, Elizabeth Nott died and was buried with Margaret in the same plot at Cross Creek Cemetery 1.

During the Civil War, William Nott Sr., Elizabeth’s father, was a Private in Kelly’s Company in the 8th Senior Reserves in the Confederate Army in North Carolina. Kelly’s Company was organized at Fayetteville on April 11, 1864. William survived the war and was able to return home to his daughter. Elizabeth never married: With an absence of male suitors due to the war, many women, like Elizabeth, remained unmarried. Elizabeth died on September 20, 1872. Her tombstone was engraved by the well-known stone cutter George Lauder, who included his signature on his pieces as both a testimony of his skill and a mark of the deceased’s respectable social status. Elizabeth was buried next to her mother and sister in Cross Creek Cemetery 1. William passed away on September 20, 1895. He was buried with his family in Cross Creek Cemetery 1, as well.

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