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Dred Wimberly

Dred Wimberly

Submitted by James E. Buxton Jr.; Edited and vetted by Cheri Todd Molter Born into slavery in 1849, Dred Wimberly served in the State House of Representatives in 1879 and 1887 and in the State Senate in 1889. His family lived on the Battle plantation in Edgecombe...

My grandfather, Joe Cosby

AUTHOR:  Patrika Cos My grandfather, Joe Cosby, was born into enslavement in 1852 in North Carolina. He was born to Joe Cosby. [The name of his mother is unknown.] Joe Cosby was only 13 years old when the Civil War was over. He was eventually appointed as one of...

Almon Leonidas Fountain (1842-1907)

Almon Leonidas Fountain (1842-1907) (Source: Contributed by Paula F. Kermon) When Almon was 18 and attending the Dow Eagles School in Edgecombe County, his 24 year old teacher Lorenzo Dow Eagles, closed the school and enlisted in the Civil War. On 8/31/1861, Eagles...

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