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SUBMITTED BY: Sherry Winebarger-Reeter

This letter was written by my great-great grandfather, Thomas McDaniel:

October the 12 1864

Deer wife I seet my self to rite you a few lians [lines] to let you no that I am well as comon [common] at this time hoping when thes[e] lians com[e]s to hom[e] the[y] m[a]y find you all well and doing well I recevd [received]

a letter from you yusterday witch give me grat [great] sattisfaction hear from you and to hear that you is all well I hav[e] nothing rit [write] at this time I want you to send me something by lutenant p—-r if he can fetch it I want som[e] _______ [thred?] and pepper and sage and som butter if you can it will be a grat sattisfaction to me git som[e]thing from you to eat I am tyard [tired] out on leg it is so pour [poor] that it ant [ain’t] fit to eat you rot [wrote] to me that you had not had a letter from me in so long I hav[e] [w]rote sevrel letters to you that you hant [haven’t] got I must close four [for] the want of time I will [w]rite again in short time if I hav[e] the chanc[e] I want to see you all one time mour [more] in this life I want you [w]rit[e] often as you can and let me heer [hear] from you tel[l] unkel hugh howdy fore me so no more at pr[e]sent only I remain your tru[e] husban[d] untel deth [death] Thomas Mcdaniel to [L]ouisa Mcdaniel

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