AUTHOR:  Shelton Tucker

Genealogy: My sister Dee, the genealogist of the family, told me that a respected historian in Greenville, NC said that my 2g grandfather, Reverend Austin Flood, was like the MLK of his day. Every since that time, we incessantly started researching exactly who he was.

We knew he pastored and/or started a lot of churches in Greenville namely Sycamore Hill, Phillippi and St. Paul Missionary Baptist Churches. When he died in 1893, his death was mentioned in the white newspaper as a “well known colored man” (which was a rare occurrence in those days). If you research the marriage records during the Reconstruction period in Pitt County you will often find his name as the officiating preacher. I also found an article where he and my 4g grandfather John Tucker presided over a local Pitt County Republican Convention in 1876.

After times of just speaking his name and asking granddaddy Flood to reveal more about himself he did in drips and drops of information: 1) Author Sam Barber finding records about Austin Flood’s involvement with Sycamore Hill; 2) the connection with a local cousin; and 3) finally a connection through social media contacted me about the 150th Anniversary of Phillippi Missionary Baptist Church in Simpson, NC he founded.

Yesterday, Austin Flood captured my mindspace and directed me towards a treasure trove of info that gave me great insights as to what he was about and what others thought about him. Attached [are snips of] articles that exemplify his strength of character especially in a time when a proud black man was a victim of the law.

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