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AUTHOR:  Howard J. Sparks, Sr.

My great grandfather John H. Hopkins was from Patrick County, Virginia. John was the son of William Hopkins and Sarah/Sallie Snyder Hopkins. Between 1850 and 1860 it is believed the family moved just across the state line into Stokes County, North Carolina.

He enlisted in the Confederate Army on March 1, 1862, a member of the ‘Stokes Boys’ of the 22nd Regiment, NC Troops. He was captured twice and confined to Point Lookout, Maryland each time. He was released after taking an Oath of Allegiance to the United States on June 27, 1865.

During the war, here are some of the more famous battles the 22nd Regiment took part in:

Fought on 15 Aug 1861 at Wilderness, VA.
Fought on 27-31 Aug 1862 at 2nd Manassas, VA.
Fought on 1-4 May 1863 at Chancellorsville, VA.
Fought on 1-6 Jul 1863 at Gettysburg, PA.
Fought on 10 Oct 1863 at Chancellorsville, VA.
Fought on 9 Nov 1863 at Brandy Station, VA.
Fought on 3-6 May 1864 at Wilderness, VA.
Fought on 11-21 May 1864 at Spotsylvania Court House, VA. or vicinity
Fought on 31 May 1864 at Chickahominy River, VA.
Fought on 1-9 Jun 1864 at Cold Harbor, VA.
Fought on 15 Jun 1864 at Petersburg, VA.
Fought on 15 Jun 1864 at Ox Hill, VA.
Fought on 21 Jun 1864 at Petersburg, VA.
Fought on 22-23 Jun 1864 at Jerusalem Plank Road, VA.
Fought on 15 Oct 1864 at Richmond, VA.
Fought on 3 Apr 1865 at Petersburg, VA.
Fought on 3 Apr 1865 at Appomattox River, VA.
Fought on 4 Apr 1865 at Appomattox Court House, VA.

Shortly after the war ended John walked those many miles back to Patrick County, Virginia to where his sweetheart lived. Her name was Martha Jane Henry Hopkins and was a first cousin to John. Martha Jane was the daughter of Harden Hopkins and Elizabeth Murphy of Patrick County, Virginia.

The couple married January 22, 1868 in Patrick County. During their marriage of 53 years they lived in Patrick County, Stokes County, Rockingham County, North Carolina and in Guilford County, North Carolina.

During their time in Rockingham County, John played an active role in the erecting of a statue in Reidsville, North Carolina to pay tribute to the Confederate soldier. He was proud of his service.

John died December 10, 1936 at the age of 97. He and his wife along with several of their daughters are buried in the Llewellyn Cemetery near Mayodan, North Carolina in Rockingham County.

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