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AUTHOR:  Andrew Adams Jr. (edited and vetted by Cheri Todd Molter)

The following story is based on family oral history:

Two of my great-grandfathers were in the Civil War, Hugh Wallin and John Chandler. John was a Confederate soldier who was captured and imprisoned. He had a relative in the Union Army who bailed him out, and then he joined the Union Army. My great-grandfather, Hugh Wallin, was a recruiter for Confederate Army. He was ambushed in front of his young sons, including my grandfather.

Also, I knew a Civil War vet who lived up until the 1940s. His name was Al Gunter. I have a story from a Civil War vet, telling of his experiences during the Civil War. I also have a picture of a group of Civil War vets taken in Marshall, N.C.

Editor’s Note: According to his compiled military record, John Chandler, a resident of Madison County, North Carolina, enlisted on April 26, 1862. He mustered into “Batty B” Company (Company B), Virginia 12th Light Artillery, but transferred out on Nov. 4, 1863. On that same date, he was transferred into Company A of the 13th Battalion North Carolina Light Artillery. Almost a year later, on Dec. 31, 1864, John was taken prisoner. After that, there were no other entries in his record.

Also, Hugh Wallin (spelled Wallon in some records) enlisted as a Private and served in Company D of the 64th North Carolina Infantry.

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