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The Story of William Gould I: An Excerpt from “Stanford professor finds inspiration, fortitude from the diaries of his great-grandfather, who escaped slavery”

SUBMITTED BY:  Baylor Hicks; article written by Melissa De Witte; excerpt edited by Cheri Todd Molter A Note from Baylor Hicks: Bill Gould (William Gould IV) was one of my professors at Stanford Law School. I knew that his great-grandfather was a contraband in the...

The Giraffe / Robert E. Lee

AUTHOR:  JC Knowles; edited and vetted by Cheri Todd Molter and Hallie Smith One of the most successful vessels to run the blockade off the coast of North Carolina during the American Civil War was the Giraffe, later called the Robert E. Lee, owned by the Confederate...

Nancy “Nance” Martin

AUTHOR:  JC Knowles (edited and vetted by Cheri Todd Molter) Nancy “Nance” Adams Martin, the daughter of businessman and ship owner Silas Martin and his wife, Margaret Crawford Martin, took ill and died while at sea with her father. In 1857, Silas took...

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