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John Herring Wetherington (1833-1910)

AUTHOR:  Marc Francis Roddin John Herring Wetherington enlisted in the Civil War on June 30, 1862 as a private and became company cook. The nearest he came to a Yankee bullet was when the handle of a pail of food he was carrying was shot in two. When the War was over,...

John Humphrey enlisted at age 14

John Humphrey enlisted at age 14 My great-grandfather joined the Confederate States Army in June, 1861. He was assigned to the 10th Heavy Artillery at Fort Lane in New Bern. It was noted in family lore that when he enlisted he was only 14 years old. To get around his...

A different kind of marriage

A different kind of marriage Great-Great-Granddaddy Frank Civils grew up in the Core Creek area near Asbury and had fallen in love with Mary Jane Riggs. When they decided to get married, their parents refused to allow it. Frank then married Elizabeth Daugherty on...

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