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Letters from Anthony Brisson to Wife Nancy

SUBMITTED BY:  Shannon Walters Jacobson This is my 4th great uncle who wrote letters to his sisters and wife, Nancy. He also mentions my 3x great grandfather, Paris Guyton, and my 4th great Uncle Joseph Guyton. All lived in Bladen County. His last letter was December...

Great-Grandfather was soldier, POW

Great-Grandfather was soldier, POW Richard Smith, my great-grandfather, was born in Bladen County in December of 1833. His family were among the earliest settlers in North Carolina in the early 1700s. He enlisted in the Confederate army in Bladen County on Oct. 19,...

Some Quiet Diplomacy at Elmira

Some Quiet Diplomacy at Elmira Gideon Tyson, a private in the Confederate army, was captured at Fort Fisher. He was sent to the Elmira prison camp in New York, where a guard caught him stealing food in the kitchen area in the middle of the night. Gideon overpowered...

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