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SUBMITTED BY: Steve Bailey

(On microfilm at the Hampton B. Allen Library in Wadesboro NC)

Reverend Sandy Ingram Born 1841 Died September 6, 1936 – 4th South Carolina Regiment – Services to Thomas J. Ingram

Shadrack Streeater Born 1840’s Died September 20, 1937

Michael Henry Mendenhall of Pleasant Hill Church Community in Ansonville NC Born 1848 Died September 21, 1931 Body servant of William Mendenhall – Company A 59th NC Regiment

Preston Ledbetter Born 1845 Died April 27, 1930 – Body servant of H.B. Billingsley

Weldon Kendall Born 1850 Died November 17, 1928 – Body Servant of Henry Kendall

Amos Powell Born 1841 Died June 4, 1932 – Body Servant of Charles P. Powell

Louis Tomlinson Born 1840’s Died December 8, 1934

John Norton Born May 25, 1849 Died May 25, 1931 – Buried at Mount Zion, SC – Body servant of Burrell Merriman

William Ratliff (no birth or death dates listed) removed from the pension roll on June 1, 1937 & certified to the Old Age Assistance Board – Body servant of Nelson H. Hildreth

Isaac Bittle Born August 13, 1845 Died August 13, 1935 Buried at Galilee Church in McFarlan Township of Anson County – Body servant of Wes Biddle

The following 3 men were in the Civil War but died before the pension laws for black men were established:

Benjamin Medley died August 11, 1895 – Age 85 years – Was born about 1810. He accompanied Joseph Medley to Virginia as his body servant.

York Smith lived on the General Smith Plantation in Ansonville NC – York Smith died on April 30, 1909 at the age of 92 years, so he was born about 1817. He was the carriage driver of Colonel William G. Smith. William A. Smith wrote the obituary.

Thomas Richardson of the Buffalo Creek Community of Cedar Hill NC died in July of 1919 – he was 87 years old – was born about 1832 – went through the war with John R. Richardson & Amos Haynes Richardson.

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