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SUBMITTED BY:  Steve Sutton (vetted by Cheri Todd Molter)

Editor’s Note: Sgt. Steve Sutton (Ret) has submitted a document that was researched and typed up in the 1970s and two photographs. One of the photographs is of William Ayers Davis, and the other is of John Richardson and Martha Suggs Davis. (Click on images to enlarge.)

The document does contain differences from the records that are worth noting: First, in his military and census records, the name of the Davis brother who enlisted first was spelled William Ayers (instead of “Ayres”). Also, the Davis brother’s military records state that they all served in “Batty I” Company of the North Carolina 2nd Light Infantry, which according to the National Park Service web site, was also called the 36th Regiment Volunteers and the Cape Fear Regiment. Click on this link: 2021.02.25 Three Davis Brothers In The Ci



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