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SUBMITTED BY:  William Snead

“Mr. W.A. Snead passed away on Jan 6, 1919,at the home of Mr. M.F. Pratt. Pneumonia was the cause of his death. His sickness was of short duration. He left a family of six children- three sons and three daughters: R.L. Snead of Reidsville, Z.D. Snead and Lindsey Snead of Stoneville and Mrs. Jennie Wright of Wentworth, Mrs. Anna Roland of Stoneville and Mrs. M.F. Pratt of Stoneville. Mrs. Snead preceded him to the grave some time ago and Mr. Snead spent the remainder of his days on his farm and visiting his children. He was a Confederate soldier. The writer saw him a week before his death and he was talking about the European war and spoke of some of the hardships and trials he went through over fifty years ago while in service in the Confederate war. His death brought a great gloom over this community as he was very jovial and had a pleasing personality. We extend our deepest sympathy to the bereaved family. A.F.”

Printed in the Leaksville, NC paper on January 6, 1919 In Memoriam

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