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AUTHOR:  Michael Williams

My family still resides on the farm that has been in our family since the 1700s. Near the end of the Civil War, family lore has it that Sherman’s cavalry camped on the farm and in anticipation of its arrival, g-g-grandfather had ledges dug into the sides of the well to hide valuables and food. He also had all the cattle and mules moved deep into the woods far from the house along the Little River.

Grandfather made quite a lot of wine, and the Yankees wanted it. It was said that he sat on the front porch with a shotgun across his lap daring the Yankees to come up. Well they did as evidenced by the shards of pottery, broken wine bottles, and relics that have been found on the farm. My research has determined that these soldiers were part of the 15th Corps of Sherman’s army during their pursuit of Joe Johnston’s confederate army. They only stayed one day but caused enough mischief that my grandmother had no good words about them. She got the story from her mother who was a child during the war.

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