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SUBMITTED BY:  Carroll White (edited and vetted by Cheri Todd Molter)

My 2x great grandfather, Robert H. Jordan, was born in Hertford County, North Carolina. His parents, Robert and Lavenia Jordan, died young, and he moved to Tennessee afterward. When he arrived in Wayne County, TN, all he had was his horse and a servant named Freeman. Robert served the Union during the Civil War.

In Wayne County, Robert had a cabin in Jordan Hollow. The next hollow was Rose Hollow, which is where Calvin Rose, my great grandfather, lived. The Confederates wanted to recruit Robert and Calvin, and they both declined. Robert and Calvin were told that if they didn’t join when the Confederate Army came back through that they would be arrested, which they eventually were. The two men were taken to Bolivar, Tennessee, where they escaped, returned to Wayne County, and later joined the Union Army.

Robert H. Jordan and Calvin Rose both served in the 6th Tennessee Calvary under the command of Fielding Jackson Hurst. Calvin was twenty-five when he enlisted in September 1862. Robert was thirty years old when he enlisted a few months later, on Dec. 16, 1862. Robert served in E Company but was transferred to H Company on July 1, 1863. Both Robert and Calvin mustered out on July 26, 1865 at Nashville.

Additional Note: Calvin also had three brothers who fought for the Union in the 6th Tennessee Cavalry: David, William, and John Rose were captured by Confederate soldiers while on picket duty and sent to prison. They did survive their war experiences, though, according to their military records. I have their Muster Cards but haven’t looked at them in a while.

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