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Article submitted by Nicholle Young; Summary written by Cheri Todd Molter

Twenty-one-year-old Harriet had been enslaved by George Miller, and after his death, Henry Miller of Rowan County purchased her. However, in July 1845, Harriet ran away before she was delivered to Miller. Miller described her as “a bright mulatto girl” with “a small scar over one of her eyes,” “a fire brand on her thigh,” and freckles across her nose. Harriet, according to Miller, had connections in Davidson, Randolph, Chatham, and Cumberland counties. Miller was offering $25 to anyone who enabled him to apprehend Harriet. As of March 31, 1846, the ad was still running, and presumably, Harriet was still living freely.

Source: Fayetteville Weekly Observer, Fayetteville, N.C., March 31, 1846 – page 4

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