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SUBMITTED BY: Garland Allen

Bartlett Yancey Allen reported to Weldon, NC on June 6, 1861 and joined The Confederate States of America’s 24th Regiment (North Carolina), serving in Company H. Private Allen fought in seventeen battles of the Civil War. In one battle, he and his brother Henry fought with no water for three days. They came to a creek that was red with the blood of the wounded and drank from it. They had very little food, so they shot a buzzard and ate it. They said it tasted like chicken.*  The 24th moved up and down the east coast many times from Maryland to Richmond, Va. to Wilmington, NC and many places between. Bartlett Y. Allen is buried on Hassel Horton Rd. in Person County, NC.

Sources: North Carolina Troops 1861-1865, Twenty Fourth Regiment and Madeline Eaker’s Person County Heritage Vol II (1983, * p62) Submitted by his grandson, G. Ray Allen

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