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Pennsylvania POW, Battle of Plymouth

by | Mar 14, 2015 | Confederate affiliation, Washington

In his early thirties, Martin Lybarger went to war in the 101st Pennsylvania Veterans Volunteer Infantry, leaving behind a wife and small son. He was among the Union troops captured at the Battle of Plymouth in April of 1864 and walked miles to cattle cars that carried those who survived to Andersonville. Prisoners on both sides fared off-the-charts terribly — especially after Grant stopped the prisoner exchanges. Reading Martin’s pension and military records it is unfathomable how either side was able to fight. When Sherman was approaching, Martin was among the POWs moved to Savannah, where he died shortly before Sherman arrived. So many casualties on both sides, buried without a record of where they are, and Martin is one. Possibly Savannah, maybe Beaufort’s National Cemetery; we’ll never know. Thank you ALL for your service. I cannot imagine how you did it. I could not.

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