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SUBMITTED BY:  Harold Clark Davis; edited and vetted by Cheri Todd Molter

Towards the end of the war, according to a story I read on the internet, my great-great-grandfather, Henderson Davis, had a childhood friend, Alexander Griffin, who fought for the Union and rode back to Anson County while serving under General H. J. Kilpatrick. According to the story that was passed down, Henderson saw Griffin, went into the hardware store to get a shotgun, and then shot Griffin, mortally wounding him. The locals supposedly said that Griffin should have known better than to come back in that uniform. Nothing happened to Henderson.

Editor’s Notes: The story of Alexander Griffin’s death is mentioned in several online sources. In fact, in another one of the stories submitted to our collection, this tale was also told from the perspective of the Union soldier’s (Alexander Griffin’s) descendants. It’s entitled “Griffin Family of Anson County, NC” (https://nccivilwar.wpengine.com/griffin-family-of-anson-county-nc/). Furthermore, the local newspaper, North Carolina Argus, published a piece that mentioned Griffin’s demise on Thursday, March 30, 1865, which I’ve attached to this submission. (Click on clipping to enlarge.)

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