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AUTHOR:  Joe Mode

Oliver Arms, Sr. is my 3rd great grandfather, whose daughter, Melissa Arms, married Wade Green (Cocke Co., TN) Wade Green is my 2nd great grandfather and member of Company C, 8th Tennessee Infantry, U.S. Melissa Arms m was born on 5 November 1851-2, probably in Rutherford County, North Carolina, and is the daughter of Oliver Arms, Sr. and *Nancy Ann Williams. In a book on Conway, Massachusetts marriages Oliver is listed as living in Lincoln County, NC. Oliver Arms, Sr. was born on 26 March 1816 in Deerfield, Franklin County Massachusetts and died on 26 November 1887 in Cocke County. Nancy was born 4 June 1823 (most likely Rutherford County, NC) and died on 15 February 1880. Oliver and Nancy are buried at Clay Creek Baptist Church in Cocke County, Tennessee. Oliver Arms, Sr.’s first wife was Elizabeth Sprague of Deerfield, Massachusetts. They married married on 22 Sep 1840 in Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts.Elizabeth Sprague ARMS had died by 28 December 1847.

Oliver Arms, Sr., a Massachusetts native, appears to have served during the Civil War, having volunteered at the age of 45 with Company K, 16th North Carolina Confederate Infantry. The 16th was formally known as the 6th N.C. Records show that he is on a Roll of Honor as Oliver Arms, private, age 45, from Polk County, N.C. On the 1860 census Oliver is listed as living in Polk County, N.C.; age 44. His date of entrance was 20 April 1861. He volunteered for service and was discharged on 20 July 1862. The Company Muster Roll shows that he enlisted on 20 April 1861 at Columbus, N.C. by J.C. Camp for 1 year. Columbus is the county seat of Polk County. Oliver was present from April 20th to August 31st, 1861. On the Register of General Hospital No. 21, Richmond, VA Oliver was admitted on 19 May 1862; Disease: Dysentery. Remarks: “Transferred to Lynchburg 2 June, 1862.” He appears again on a Register of C.S.A. General Hospital, Danville, Virginia on 16 June 1862; Company Commander: Captain Camp; Complaint: Diarrhea. He returned to duty on 18 June 1862. (General Hospital No. 21, corner of 25th and Cary streets in Richmond)

NOTE: The Confederate States to Oliver Arms; 31 days service extra duty in the Subsistence (?) Department from 1st to 31 January 1863(says 3, but may be a mistake) Received of Captain J.M. Grail (?) acs Seven 75/100 dollars in full of the above account January 31st 1862. Signed: Oliver Arms

NOTE: Received of one (?) private employed in the Commissary Department on Extra Duty Oliver Arms, private, Company K; 16th Regt. N.C.V. by order of Col. Lus (?) Commissary from 15 November to 31 December. No. of days 47 @ $11.75. I certify that the above account is correct and that he was employed by order of Col. Las (?) under my direction. J.M Grail (?) Capt. A.C.S.

NOTE: Received of Captain J.W. Grail (?) Adjutant Commissary of Subsistence 16th Regiment of North Carolina Volunteers Eleven dollars & seventy five Cents for my service while on extra duty 15 November 1861 to 31st day of December 1861. Signed: Oliver Arms Private in Co. K, 16th Regt. N.C. Vol.

NOTE: For pay from April 30, 1862 to July 20, 1862; two months 20 days at $11.00 per month. Commutation for clothing 29.33 + 50.00 = $79.33. Deducted for clothing $40.37 = $38.96. Subsistence to North Carolina 2 rations at .25 cents; Amount $39.46. Rec’d from Richmond from Major John Ambler (?) this 21 day of July 1862 Thirty nine dollars & forty six cents in full of above account; signed Oliver Arms.

NOTE: I certify that the ______ named Oliver Arms a private of Capt. J.C. Camp’s Company K of the 16th Regt. North Carolina Troops born in town of Conway State of Massachusetts aged 46 years; five feet 10 inches high; Dark complexion; Black eyes; Black hair and by profession a teacher was enlisted by Capt. J.C. Camp at Columbus North Carolina on the 1st day of April 1861 to serve one year and is now entitled to discharge by reason of an act of Congress passed the 16th day of April 1862 he being over the age of 35 years of age. The said Oliver Arms was last paid by Capt. D.F. (?) to include the 30th day of April 1862, and has pay due him _______ taken for clothing ___ ____ dollars. He is indebted to the Confederate States for Thirty seven 37/100 on account of clothing drawn. Given in duplicate at Richmond VA this 20th day of July 1862. Commanding officers name illegible.(What I believe this to be saying is that Oliver, having served a year as well as being 46 and a teacher exempts him from further duty as per an act by the congress of the Confederate States of America. Under the Conscription Act, all healthy white men between the ages of 18 and 35 were liable for a three year term of service. The act also extended the terms of enlistment for all one-year soldiers to three years. A September 1862 amendment raised the age limit to 45, and February 1864, the limits were extended to range between 17 and 50. Exempted from the draft were men employed in certain occupations considered to be most valuable for the home front, such as railroad and river workers, civil officials, telegraph operators, miners, druggists and teachers)

Oliver Arms is found in District #5 in the 1876 Cocke County Tax list and paid a $2.00 Dog Tax. He and Oscar Arms are found in District #5 for the 1891 and 1892 Tax List and Oliver is found again in District #5 for the 1893-1894 Tax List having paid a $2.00 Poll Tax and living near someone named Linell.

Note: I did find a reference in the Berryhill Family Papers at Chapel Hill, NC (#M-2857) that mentions Oliver Arms of Lincoln Co., NC and his prenuptial correspondence with Elizabeth Sprague of South Deerfield Massachusetts, 1838-1840, mentioning climate, finances, crops, religious freedom of slaves, furniture, and selection of a place to settle. In a letter dated 10 February 1839, Arms discusses the condition of southern slaves, stressing their religious freedom.

Oliver Arms and Elizabeth Sprague had two children:
1. James Henry ARMS was born on 7 September 1841
2. Emily E. ARMS was born on 7 February 1843
Oliver Arms and Nancy Ann Williams had the following children:
3. Susan A. ARMS was born on 11 August 1848
4. Sarah Gates ARMS was born on 1 January 1850
5. Fanny M (Malissa) ARMS GREEN was born on 5 November 1851
6. Isabella ARMS was born on 6 June 1854
7. William F. ARMS was born on 1 November 1856
8. Jonathan ARMS was born on 9 January 1859
9. Oliver ARMS was born on 25 June 1860
10. Oscar ARMS was born on 25 June 1860

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