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Submitted by:  Sid Stroupe & Mike Stroupe; Written and vetted by: Cheri Todd Molter

On June 5, 1861, Moses S. Stroup was a twenty-one-year-old farmer living in Marion, McDowell County, North Carolina, who decided to enlist in the same county he was living in. He was a private who served in the 22nd N.C. Infantry Regiment. Two years after he enlisted, on May 20, 1863, Moses was wounded in his left ankle near Milford Station, Virginia. He was able to return to service but was captured three days after his injury at Jericho Mills, Virginia, on May 23, 1864.

Moses was confined to Point Lookout, Maryland, after being taken captive and was held there until May 14, 1865. He was released after pledging an “Oath of Allegiance” to the United States of America. After the war ended, Moses and his family moved to an area located near Old Fort, N.C. Moses applied for annuity for “left ankle arthritis and blind in right eye” with the Civil War N.C. Soldiers Application for Pension in June of 1901, as well as in December of 1902, and was approved in the latter year. Moses S. Stroup passed away near Old Fort, N.C., around 1910.

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