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Major James Benjamin White, Superintendent of the Citadel

by | Jan 26, 2016 | Alamance, Confederate affiliation

Major J. B. White is my great-grandfather. He was in the second graduating class of the Citadel. He became a math professor there. When the war began, he became a Major and was the leader of the cadets during the war, leading them into battle. “Old Benny” was much beloved by the cadets and treated them like his own sons. After the war he worked to have the Citadel released from the Union and returned to the state. He chose not to return to teaching and retired to Marion, SC where he grew strawberries. He opened a private school. He married for a second time to my great grandmother and had 4 sons, one of whom, my grandfather, is James Benjamin White, Jr. He is buried in a Methodist cemetery in Marion, SC and has a Confederate marker at the foot of his grave.

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