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Submitted by JD Mayo; Edited and vetted by Cheri Todd Molter

I’ve done some digging for information about my North Carolinian ancestors on my father’s side, and this information pertains to my 5th-great-grandfather, John Mayo, my 4th-great-grandfather, John William Mayo (his son), and my 4th-great-grandmother, Jenny Pentz Mayo.

My 5th-great-grandfather, John Mayo, was a farmer in Hyde County, NC. In 1850, he had real estate valued at 500 dollars. My 5th-great-grandmother’s name was Eleanor Mayo. The 1850 Slave Schedule for Hyde County, NC, indicates that John Mayo enslaved two individuals: a woman, aged 55 (b. abt. 1795), and a man aged 22 (b. abt. 1828).

John W. Mayo was born in 1847. As an adult, he married Jenny Pentz and the couple had several children. I’ve included their photographs.


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