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Submitted by Sid Stroupe and Mike Stroupe; Edited and vetted by Cheri Todd Molter

John E. Stroup was born in 1845 and the son of David Rufus Stroup. According to the 1860 Census, John lived in Jackson County, N.C. On August 31, 1861, sixteen-year-old John Stroup enlisted as a Private in Company F, 29th Infantry Regiment, North Carolina Troops in Jackson County, North Carolina. He was described as 5’6” tall with dark complexion, dark hair, and dark eyes.

General William Tecumseh Sherman invaded Marietta during the “Atlanta Campaign” in the summer of 1864, and Stroup was captured by the Union Forces near there on June 19, 1864. John was taken to the prison at Louisville, Kentucky and later, confined at Camp Morton in Indianapolis, Indiana. A year later, On June 12, 1865, Stroup was released from Camp Morton after he pledged the “Oath of Allegiance” to the United States of America.

After the war, John Stroup went to Buncombe County, N.C. where he eventually married Evelyn Rice. Sometime after 1870, he and his family moved to Burnette County, Texas. Subsequently, we found that he and his family did return to Asheville, N.C. several years later. John’s date of death is unknown.

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