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AUTHOR:  Unknown

Private George M. Crawford was born on his family’s Iredell County farm in 1828. Never marrying, George spent his life helping his large family run their farm and after losing both parents in his teens, he helped raised his younger siblings.

In 1862, after a year of war, the Crawford brothers decided it was time the served their country. George, Abram and James would all enter (George was a conscript) that year and only James would return home. George was conscripted into Company C of the 48th NC State Troops on August 1, 1862 in Statesville. He was immediately sent toward Richmond for its defense. After only being there 3 months, he sadly contracted typhoid fever and died on November 16, 1862.

He was interred in Hollywood Cemetery but only with a wooden stone. His family never knew where he actually laid. That changed in May of 2016 when his direct decendant Josh Myers, with the help of researchers, located his grave, and he was able to order him a proper marble stone to honor not only his life but his sacrifice to the cause.

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