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Levi Branson Williams, was the son of Ezekiel Randolph and Agnes Williams, of Guilford County. Born on November 13th, 1837, at an early age, he was left an orphan and in the care of his grandfather, Nathan Williams, passed the happy days of childhood. Of an earnest and pious disposition, he was converted to the Christian faith and became a member of the Methodist Protest and Church, at about eighteen years of age. When the chasm between the North and the South was broadening into a great gulf, and sectional lines were being drawn fiercely, on September 4th, 1860, he was married to Mary A., daughter of Owen and Temperance J. Lindley, of Chatham County. Although he felt it his duty to volunteer in the very beginning of the war, he desisted at the instance of his wife; when, however, the call was made in 1862, he became a member of Company E, Fourth N.C. Cavalry, and attaining rank of Second Lieutenant. In a comparatively short time, he was made a prisoner by the Union forces and died on Johnson’s Island, near the city of Sandusky, Ohio, on September 26th, 1863. How much he loved his home and its inmates, is told in his “Poems and Memoirs of Lieut. Levi Branson Williams”, published in 1900 by, SENTINEL PRINT, LaGrange , North Carolina. Information as copied from the pages of an original source; “Poems and Memoirs of Lieut. Levi Branson Williams”. Property of Jennifer L. Pittman 4th great granddaughter.

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