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Daughter of the Confederacy

SUBMITTED BY:  Shirley Corn Reagan My husband’s great grandmother was a daughter of Confederacy. She was a Franklin from Elkin, NC. My husband passed this past May 15, 2018. I have to research her story. Her name could have Ann or Elizabeth Franklin. I’m...

Aunt Mary’s Cow

AUTHOR:  Dorothy Killian My Grandmother b: 1877 told me this story: Some Union soldiers came to her Aunt Mary Watson Triplett’s house in Wilkes County, N. C.They made her cook a meal for them. One Union soldier sat in the kitchen while she cooked with his gun...

Great-Great-Grandfather Found

Great-Great-Grandfather Found About 1990, I visited my great-aunt, Elsie Foster. Since she was the oldest living relative, I asked her about our family. She told me that her grandfather died in the Civil War, and that she and a sister (Sylvania, who had moved to...

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