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Sharps carbine

AUTHOR AND SUBJECT NAME NOT AVAILABLE My great uncle told me a story his grandfather told him of being in the trenches in Petersburg and was hit by a ricochet bullet in the head lodging it under his scalp. He thought he was dead. At a previous battle he had picked up...

James Jarrell

SUBMITTED BY:  James Jarrell I was born in Guilford County. My grandfather was a slave in the Guilford area of Pleasant Garden which is not very far from James Haley’s roots in Alamance County. I did not grow up hearing a lot of stories and related memories of...

Uniting a divided history

Uniting a divided history (written by Philip Gerard, published in the Wilmington Star News, 9/10/17) N.C. Civil War center will help better tell a complex story that continues to shape us today From the robust public discussion about North Carolina’s legacy of Civil...

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