AUTHORS:  Sid Stroupe and Mike Stroupe

October 20 [no year]
State of North Caroliner

Dear husbe [husband],

I take my pen in hand to drope [drop] you a few lines to let you no [know] that we are all well at this time. I pray to God these few lines may find you well and doing well. I can tell you that I received to [two] letters today. Won [One] was rote laste Sonday. I can say to you that Mos Shull is gone to the war. I can say to that I will have some corn gathered and hauled. Then to { } gathered and that pese [piece] for the { } and will have little { } an in the Cribe them there pease [piece] made five loads of { }. Will sorte corn we had or potato dug that was better than I expect. I have the old ground soad [“sewed” or sown] all but a litel [little] peas [piece]. I have the nue [new] ground feeld [filled] soddage in case he was hear [here]. Mose Shull road [wrote] about a bushel last weake [week]. I thinke that if we keep well we’ll manage to git [get] thro [through] with the work. We have gathered a good many peas [pieces?]. We have maide [made] to [two] barrels of molasses. I think there is to more to make { }. An[d] Jacke he has to go this day weeke [a week from today] to the arme [army]. I don’t know how we will do to get along { } for hit [it] took like all the men has to go a Monday { } has a grate [great] many to go and now granny seand [send] her best respect to you and a nice person. She is well and Ant harrett [Aunt Harriett] has moved heare [here] to her old home. You can tell { } that { } was all well. The other day davy [Davey or Danny?] got a letter from George { } and he was all well. The children has done tolerable good yet I wishe the people all cood [could] gite [get] home to tend to the ones { } fore [before] the people sees no satis faction.

If you wont [want] mee to send you any thing you can rite. I mus close by askin you to rit [write] to me more. Only I re main your wife til deathe.

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