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AUTHOR:  Unknown

Stephen Frazier was the second of eight children born to Epheriam and Elizabeth Blackwell Frazier of Granville County, North Carolina. Stephen’s father died in 1840 when he was fifteen. Stephen helped his mother manage the family’s large farm. In 1862, he wrote the youngest brother, James Spence, “Things are getting rather excited here so I do not know how long I can stay at home.”

At the age of 37, Stephen wrote his will, had his likeness made and enlisted on 1 March 1863.  He became a member of Co. K, 55th Regiment of the North Carolina Infantry. He died in Jerusalem, Virginia on 25 June 1863 of Typhoid Fever. His mother went to the train station in Weldon, NC and brought his body home to be buried on Blackwell’s Mountain in the family graveyard. She died soon after the trip and is buried beside her son.

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