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Senator James Knox Polk of the Georgia Legislature

by | Jan 20, 2016 | Alamance, Confederate affiliation

Born 3 Nov 1805, Polk was serving in the GA legislature before, during and after the war. As the family story reads, he moved to Dekalb County GA in 1862, where he purchased the “Old Samuel House” on Peachtree Road in Atlanta, GA. The house was built using slave labor, and the bricks were made on the plantation. When the Northern Army was coming through Atlanta, Samuel House sold the place to Senator Polk. When it became certain that a part of the Northern Army would pass through, he offered the use of his home to the enemy to preserve it. The home was used as Sherman’s headquarters. Today the house and property belong to the Peachtree Golf Club. After the war, the Senator remained in his home until his death in 1879. Senator Polk was cousin to President James Knox Polk, both being named after the same man. He was my great great great grandfather. Source: Dobbins Family History by Gertrude Dobbins

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