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SUBMITTED BY:  K. Jeffery Torgler (edited and vetted by Cheri Todd Molter)

This is an outline of research results—census records, military records, etc.—that tell the story of the life of Nathan Bradshaw. We were compiling this information to track down the grave sites of the men of the 11th OVC. Hope you can use the information. Soldiers on the Overland Trail get little recognition for their hard work.

Link to the PDF here: 1587765752-Bradshaw-Nathan

Nathan Bradshaw was born in North Carolina in 1845, and at the age of eighteen, he enlisted in Company F, 26th North Carolina Infantry (CSA). After he was captured in New Creek, Virginia, Bradshaw was confined at Camp Chase, Ohio. He then enlisted in the 11th OVC. He mustered out from the 11th OVC on July 21, 1866 at Fort Laramie, Dakota Territory.

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