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The North Carolina Civil War & Reconstruction History Center is making great progress on Phase I’s “History Village”! In the architect’s birds-eye drawing above (click to enlarge), you can see the Village in the lower left as well as Phase II’s Picnic Pavilion and boardwalk stretching alongside the Arsenal ruins.

The rendering below shows the entire project from a different perspective, with History Village appearing in the lower right.

Below are photos of the 3 houses undergoing renovation. First, the Arsenal House will contain our Digital Education Program:

Arsenal House with new roof, 2/4/20

Arsenal House 3/15/20

Arsenal House siding replacement, 3/15/20

Next, the Culbreth House will become the Center for the Study of the Civil War and Reconstruction:

Culbreth House catering kitchen, 2/18/20

Culbreth House catering kitchen, 3/4/20

Culbreth House exterior, 3/4/20

Culbreth House upstairs, 2/18/20

Culbreth House upstairs, 3/4/20

Culbreth House ramp for handicapped, 3/15/20

Finally, the Davis House will serve as support for outdoor activities:

Davis House, 3/4/20

Davis House, 3/15/20

We look forward to the completion of Phase I and the beginning of Phase II! Many thanks for your continuing support of the North Carolina Civil War & Reconstruction History Center.

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